Sustainability in our investment approach

Sustainability constitutes an essential cornerstone of our investment process. For a decade, we have been investing in secure and decarbonized energy supply. These assets play a key role in the energy transition and contribute to the well-being of our societies.

Pelayo Menéndez Calvo

“We believe it is critical to integrate sustainability factors into our operations and invest in companies and projects that are aligned with this view.”

Pelayo Menéndez Calvo

Head of ESG

Sustainable finance report
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Our 2022 Sustainable Finance Report

This report details our progress towards a more sustainable, resilient future. It outlines our activities and achievements of the last year from a sustainability perspective.

Our 2022 Sustainable Finance Report

Rationale for voluntary disclosures

At Energy Infrastructure Partners AG (“EIP”), we consider it necessary to assess and manage sustainability factors across each transaction investment cycle. As per Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (the “SFDR”), sustainability factors are defined as environmental, social and employee matters, respect for human rights, anti-corruption and anti-bribery matters. Whilst the SFDR at the entity level does not directly apply to EIP AG, we consider that the SFDR provides a relevant framework to provide appropriate sustainability-related disclosures, particularly considering our function as a delegated portfolio manager for EU-domiciled funds. 

As part of our commitment towards sustainability and a robust ESG management across the funds for which we have assumed the portfolio management function, the following disclosures are made. 

Integration of sustainability factors at EIP

The EIP Sustainability Risk Policy sets out how we integrate sustainability factors into our investment decision-making process. To this end, we have a fully dedicated and experienced in-house ESG function that works closely with other teams. It is our goal to ensure robust management of ESG and sustainability factors and risks at due diligence and asset management phases. 

The applicability and materiality of sustainability factors vary across investment opportunities and assets. Sustainability factors can present both risks and opportunities that first need to be identified, then assessed and monitored, managed and/or capitalized upon. Therefore, we ensure that the due diligence and asset management phases are appropriately scoped, prioritized and conducted effectively in relation to these sustainability factors. As appropriate, we also use our leverage (which will vary across the portfolio) to take steps to enhance ESG performance of the target company in accordance with international industry best practices. 

For more information on how sustainability risks are integrated into our investment decision-making process, please find a summary of our Sustainability Risk Policy 

Adverse sustainability impacts

At EIP, we consider adverse sustainability impacts across our managed portfolios and throughout the investment lifecycle – from the early due diligence stage to asset management and exit stages. 

Remuneration policies in relation to the integration of sustainability risks

Our Remuneration Policy does not reward any excessive risk taking – including sustainability risks. It seeks to encourage the alignment of the risks taken by us (and the decisions of employees and senior management) with those of the assets we manage and the interests of the underlying investors. 

Further disclosures

For sustainability-related disclosures relating to Energy Infrastructure Partners Luxembourg S.à r.l, the alternative investment fund manager domiciled in Luxembourg, please follow this link.


We recognize the significance of sustainability risks for investors, local communities, the environment, and biodiversity. Thus, we aim to identify and mitigate these risks accordingly. Moreover, we are convinced that long-term investors benefit when portfolio companies actively manage sustainability factors. At EIP, we therefore fully integrate sustainability factors throughout the investment lifecycle (see infographic).

The Year at EIP

Sustainability at EIP

We contribute to the energy transition and a decarbonized future by managing funds that invest in energy infrastructure. We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as framework to map our contribution and are continuously enhancing how we measure the positive impacts of our managed assets. 

The presented companies are provided for illustrative purposes only in order to showcase the past activity of EIP. This website is not a marketing communication/advertising/financial promotion related to any fund, securities,financial instruments or any financial services or products. Please contact our team if you wish to obtain further information.

Our goals

Through our work as an asset manager, we strive to leave a positive impact on the world. To underline this goal, EIP is a signatory and/or member of voluntary standards and associations in the field of sustainable finance.

Our goals
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