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Required investment to secure the Swiss energy supply

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Switzerland’s electricity supply is facing a dual challenge: the planned phase-out of nuclear energy and a projected increase in electricity demand due to population growth and increased electrification. As a result, the country needs to build additional production capacities for over 40 terawatt hours of electricity by 2050.

To address these challenges, massive investments in the energy system’s transformation and expansion are needed, prompting a collaboration between Energy Infrastructure Partners and the Energy Science Center (ESC) of ETH Zurich.


“We are pursuing an increase in investments in facilities for climate-friendly energy production.”

How can pension funds optimize their earnings profile while contributing to the sustainable transformation of the energy sector? Adrian Weibel, Head of Capital Investments and Deputy CEO of Pensionskasse Thurgau, shares his thoughts on the opportunities and challenges arising from increasing investments in climate-friendly energy production.

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Adrian Weibel