Energy Infrastructure Partners closes European fund above EUR 1 billion target

Energy Infrastructure Partners closes European fund above EUR 1 billion target
Zurich, July 6, 2021 – Energy Infrastructure Partners’ European fund, Energy Infrastructure 2018, has closed. The Fund, already over three-quarters invested, targets economically relevant energy infrastructure assets.

Energy Infrastructure Partners (EIP) successfully completed fundraising during the first half of 2021, raising total commitments from investors to over EUR 1 billion for its Europe-focused energy infrastructure fund. Closing was achieved through commitments from more than 40 institutional investors in Europe and Asia, predominantly comprising pension funds and insurance companies. Despite strong investor demand, the Fund adhered to its target size of EUR 1 billion to allow for the timely deployment of committed capital.

At closing, the Fund was already over 75% allocated or invested, with a portfolio diversified across investment-grade Europe (excluding Switzerland) comprising Nordic onshore wind farms, an offshore windfarm in Germany, as well as concentrated solar power plants in Spain and photovoltaic power stations in Italy and Slovakia. The Fund’s duration of 25 years with a possible five-year extension enables investors to harvest attractive cash flows for long periods.

Reaching this milestone demonstrates that the Fund’s strategy has proven its value to investors. By investing alongside leading industrial partners and public entities, EIP has been able to create attractive, diversified proprietary opportunities that offer long-term returns for institutional investors.

Beat Goetz, Head Global Client Solutions, commented, “Due to strong demand from our institutional investor base, we will expand our investment platform towards global investment-grade countries while still focusing on Europe. During the energy transition, very high investments in renewables, in transmission-distribution grids and in energy storage will be required to ensure continued security of supply. This creates interesting new global opportunities for our investors.”

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Energy Infrastructure Partners AG (EIP) is a Switzerland-based manager of collective assets focused on high quality, large-scale renewables and system-critical energy infrastructure assets. With over CHF 4 billion under management, EIP leverages an extensive industry network, broad transaction experience and close partnerships with energy suppliers and the public sector in order to develop and manage solutions for institutional investors globally. EIP’s clients focus primarily on pension funds, insurances and large family offices seeking investments in long-term, stable cash flow-generating assets that also contribute to security of energy supply, positive economic, ecological and social development, and the retirement provision of the population.


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