Investing in the energy transition

Energy Infrastructure Partners is your leading specialist in the energy sector. By combining long-term, risk-adjusted returns with tangible contributions, we lead the way towards a secure global energy future.


Our portfolio companies

We have a track record in investing and managing successful energy infrastructure projects and companies.

Our success is based on a deep knowledge of the energy sector, the extensive network we have established in the industry and our exclusive access to high-profile assets.

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European Energy Infrastructure

BayWa r.e.

A renewable energy platform with a development potential greater than 22 gigawatts.

Renewables Global 2021
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European Energy Infrastructure


A fully operational 378 megawatts offshore wind park located 35 kilometers northeast of Rügen, an island in the German Baltic Sea.

Renewables Germany 2019
Alpiq - desktop Alpiq - mobile

Swiss Energy Infrastructure


Switzerland’s second-largest hydropower portfolio with a capacity of apprcoximately 3,300 megawatts.

System flexibility Switzerland 2019
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European Energy Infrastructure


A 130 megawatts photovoltaic portfolio in Italy and Slovakia.

Renewables Italy 2018
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Swiss Energy Infrastructure


As Switzerland’s national grid operator, Swissgrid oversees the operation, maintenance, modernization and expansion of 6,700 kilometers of high-voltage grid infrastructure.

System flexibility Switzerland 2014
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GAS Swiss Energy InfrastructureTRANSMISSION


A gas transmission pipeline with a strategic location ensuring the secure provision of energy supply for Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy.

Switzerland 2016
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European Energy Infrastructure


A 250 megawatts portfolio of five concentrated solar power plants with parabolic trough technology in Spain.

Renewables Spain 2019
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European Energy Infrastructure


Consisting of two wind farms, Hästkullen (307 megawatts) and Björnlandhöjden (167 megawatts), Nysäter is located near the city of Sundsvall in Sweden. Both wind farms are fully operational since 2022 and constitute a pillar of Sweden’s ambition to transform the northern part of the country into a hub for Europe’s energy transition.

Renewables Sweden 2018

Our partnership approach

We are the preferred partner of industry leaders around the globe. This is due to our unique and exclusive focus on the energy sector, our long-term investment horizon and our commitment to playing an active role in the creation of sustainable value for our partners and stakeholders.

Why energy infrastructure?

Historic investment opportunity

Our investment strategy is based on global macro trends such as decarbonization, electrification, aging infrastructure and energy security, thus resulting in a sustainable, long-term financial opportunity.

Benefit as an investor

As an investor in energy infrastructure, you can rely on long-term, stable cash flows, inflation protection, and partially regulated returns.*

Build a sustainable future

The energy transition is a swiftly advancing global trend, and we are at the frontier of a new age of energy infrastructure investments. In 2022, our managed assets produced enough renewable energy to power more than one million European households.

*Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Stability is key

Energy infrastructure assets sustained extraordinary long term performance for a moderate risk, a testimony of defensive supply-critical attributes in an economy performing energy transition.

Global energy infrastructure private equity, EUR
60/40 strategy (Global equities/Euro bonds), EUR
Global infrastructure private equity, EUR
Global private equity, EUR
Global infrastructure private debt, EUR
Global private real estate, EUR
Global listed equities, EUR


EIP managed funds do not follow any benchmark; indices are only represented here for illustrative purposes.
Indices are total return, expressed in EUR and net of fees, all constructed by EIP out of several sources.
Global energy infrastructure private equity, Global infrastructure private equity and Global infrastructure private debt are derived from the Scientific Infra series, to which we applied a 2.5% p.a. TER as a generic assumption for holding costs, management fees and performance fees. Those indices are calculated, not contributed, to make their volatility comparable to public market instruments and avoid stale pricing and auto-correlation bias of contributed indices. For more information: Strategic Asset Allocation with Unlisted Infrastructure, EDHECinfra Use Case Series 2021 (February).
Global listed equities are derived from MSCI ACWI (via Bloomberg), converted into EUR and to which we apply a 0.2% p.a. TER as a generic assumption.
60/40 strategy is calculated based on 60% of Global listed equities and 40% of the Bloomberg EUR aggregate bond market (to which we applied a 0.2% TER p.a.), which we rebalance on a monthly basis.
Global private equity (buyouts) and Global private real estate are derived from Bloomberg Private Equity indices, which we converted into EUR. Those indices are contributed (i.e. appraisal-based whereby a valuation agent determines the NAV of the fund), which may come with stale pricing and auto correlation bias leading to “smoothed” returns compared to other market indices (or even Edhec-derived indices).


Annualized total return Annualized (TR) volatility Sharpe ratio
3 year 5 year 10 year 3 year 5 year 10 year 3 year 5 year 10 year
Global energy infrastructure private equity, EUR 14.1 % 13.2 % 14.3 % 11.1 % 11.0 % 10.5 % 1.19 1.17 1.35
Global infrastructure private equity, EUR 8.6 % 6.6 % 7.9 % 12.0 % 11.0 % 9.5 % 0.65 0.57 0.82
Global infrastructure private debt, EUR (4.7 %) (1.9 %) 0.2 % 6.5 % 5.7 % 5.4 % (0.86) (0.39) 0.02
Global listed equities, EUR 10.0 % 8.8 % 9.3 % 13.8 % 15.4 % 13.0 % 0.66 0.55 0.71
60/40 strategy (Global equities/Euro bonds), EUR 3.1 % 4.5 % 5.8 % 10.1 % 10.6 % 8.8 % 0.22 0.39 0.65
Global private equity, EUR 20.40 % 16 % 16.60 % 9.20 % 9.40 % 8.90 % 2.11 1.66 1.85
Global private real estate, EUR 13.50 % 10.10 % 12.00 % 13.30 % 11.40 % 10.90 % 0.95 0.86 1.1


Metrics are calculated on monthly data from 31 March 2009 to 31 October 2023; except for Global private equity and Global private real estate, where calculations are on quarterly data (31 March 2009 to 30 June 2023).
Sharpe ratios are a risk-adjusted measure calculated as the ratio of excess return (for a given period, annualized total return of the index less annualized total return of the Euribor 3 months) to standard deviation of the index total return (as presented in the previous column as annualized volatility).
Total return volatility is the standard deviation of the monthly total returns of an index, annualized by multiplying by √12.
Given their smoothed nature, the fundamental volatility of Global private equity and Global private real estate is expected to be significantly higher than the calculated metric, and the Sharpe ratio materially lower.

About us

About us

Sector specialists

We are an independent, founder-owned asset manager with an exclusive focus on energy infrastructure and a long investment horizon.

Proprietary deal flow

Our industry focus and exclusive origination activities enable long-term partnerships, which lead to proprietary investment opportunities for our stakeholders.

Active value creation

Through our dedicated operational teams and collaborative partnership approach, we create value for our investors and industry partners by supporting their individual growth strategies.

The right people and values

We are powered by an exceptional team of entrepreneurial, purpose driven individuals. Every one of them is committed to building a decarbonized, secure energy supply while continuously focusing on sustainable returns for our investors and their beneficiaries.

Our contribution to a decarbonized future

Our contribution to a decarbonized future

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Terawatt hours of renewable energy produced in 2022 overall

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Tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions avoided in 2022 through the production of renewable energy overall

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