Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners receives own FINMA license

Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners receives own FINMA license
Zurich, November 18, 2020 – Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners AG will act as an independent investment manager under the name Energy Infrastructure Partners AG (EIP) going forward. The license is granted conditionally and becomes legally effective as soon as Energy Infrastructure Partners AG has fulfilled all conditions of FINMA.

This strategic step will allow EIP to fully realize its global growth potential arising from the energy transition in conjunction with increasing demand and the investment needs of institutional investors by diversifying into additional geographies. In this context, the company is currently developing innovative products and working on promising investment opportunities in the energy sector. Credit Suisse Asset Management will remain an important partner in the future with continued collaboration on the distribution side.

Since its inception, EIP has exclusively focused on investment solutions in the energy infrastructure sector for institutional investors in Switzerland and abroad. This includes, among others, CSA Energie-Infrastruktur Schweiz, an investment group of the Credit Suisse Investment Foundation. Launched in 2014, CSA Energie-Infrastruktur Schweiz is the largest investment group investing in Swiss infrastructure today, with CHF 1.7 billion in capital under management and capital commitments from more than 170 Swiss pension funds.

EIP manages more than CHF 3 billion (including capital commitments) from institutional investors in Switzerland, Europe and Asia, and employs an interdisciplinary team of 40 experts. It has an extensive industry network, broad infrastructure transaction experience, a strong track record and proven partnerships with energy suppliers and the public sector. Roland Dörig, co-founder of EIP, comments: “As an independent investment manager, we are ideally positioned to fully leverage infrastructure investment opportunities for our clients.” Dr. Dominik Bollier, co-founder of EIP, adds: “We will continue to provide our clients with attractive long-term investments that generate sustainable returns and have a positive impact on energy system transformation.”

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Energy Infrastructure Partners AG (EIP) is a Swiss manager of collective assets focused on high quality, large-scale renewables and system-critical energy infrastructure assets. With over CHF 3 billion under management, EIP leverages an extensive industry network, broad transaction experience and close partnerships with energy suppliers and the public sector in order to develop and manage solutions for institutional investors globally. Its clients primarily focus on pension funds, insurances and large family offices seeking investments in long-term, stable cash flow-generating assets that also contribute to security of energy supply, positive economic and social development, and the retirement provision of the population.


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