Separate Accounts

Separate Accounts

Separate accounts are constructed by our team according to investor requirements. Such accounts can target countries worldwide and are available to large institutional investors.

A customised solution to match investor goals

A customised solution to match investor goals

Our separate accounts can be customized to meet investors’ individual requirements. These accounts refer to separate mandates or iinvestment structures which are established by a single investor.
We act as a manager of collective assets, but investors have the flexibility to get actively involved in the structuring of their separate accounts and in the related investment activities.

Advantages of separate accounts

EIP collaborates closely with investors to define exposure and strategies, thus offering active involvement and customized solutions. Our approach emphasizes diversification across subsectors, geographies and investment stages, and is complemented by personalized investment materials and comprehensive portfolio reviews.


Investor Participation

Collaboration between investment manager and investor to determine optimal portfolio composition


Management focus

Investment policy determined by the investor taking into account their investment needs and the risk / reward tolerance in the portfolio


Leverage of existing platform

We bring unique expertise and management capabilities, due to our integrated approach with existing energy platforms


Active value creation

We create value for our investors through our dedicated operational teams that provide comprehensive monitoring and reporting

Benefits of separate accounts


  • Investment policy determinable by the investor
  • Customized investment needs, risk appetite, return requirements, etc.

Tax Efficiency

  • Ability to control the timing of transactions according to tax implications
  • Structuring individually defined by the investor


  • Investors receive a tailored service from their manager

Learn more about our investment services

Learn more about our investment services